Staffordshire Pottery Pair of Lion Figures

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Staffordshire Pottery Pair of Lion Figures modeled in the round, the seated lions facing front, framing recumbant lambs between the front and back paws, ovular bases  painted as grassy mounds. 


11 1/2 " H. x 7" W. x 3" D.   

Circa 1840. 

Under black light inspection, the condition appears to be very good, with typical light crazing to the surface, and one paint drip to a lamb. Also known as English Staffordshire Pottery Van Amburgh Lions and Lambs.   Van Amburgh was an American who became a popular culture icon in the 1830s, demonstrating his ability to tame lions in the circus/managerie rings of New York. Starting in the 1840s, Van Amburgh's show traveled to England, where it was much favored by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.  These figures would have been made shortly after the first major show, 1848.