Jenny Lind (1942-2011) and Allan Walter Animals & Co. Novelty Dog Teapot & Cover

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Jenny Lind (1942-2011) and Allan Walter Animals & Co. Novelty Dog Teapot & Cover

Formed as a bull terrier dog seated on its hind legs, tongue lolling out, with red and green spotted blue bow-tie collar. The dog is painted off-white with large black spots, with black circle around one eye. The dog's bright red tongue forms the teapot spout, his pointed ears and upper head form the cover, which is removable. The c-form handle is attached to the back of the animal. Signed Animals & Co., JS, No. 543, 8/86, and dated1984.

Size: 10" H. x 10 1/2" W. x 6 3/4" D. The teapot holds 5 cups of liquid; it does not leak when filled. I would not recommend using overly hot or cold liquids in this teapot, as this is a vintage piece.

Extremely good condition with no signs of cracks, crazing or repairs. The ‘ears’ of the dog are removable, revealing the top of the teapot, where it can be filled with liquid. 

The piece weighs 2 lbs., 1.6 oz.

Jenny Lind and Allan Walter started Animals & Company in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the early 1980s. The company changed names and identities by 1994. Ms. Lind and Mr. Walter were the husband and wife team that produced Animals & Co. Lind designed and Walter, who worked with Paul Soldner, created the molds. 

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