20th Century Art Pottery Earthenware Slip-Decorated Dish

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20th Century Art Pottery Earthenware Slip-Decorated Dish with applied coggled or pie crust crimp to edge, the entire face dipped in ocher glaze, slip decorated with multiple slender manganese stripes.

Initials near rim. 

Mid-late 20th Century.

2 3/8" H. x 16 5/8" W. x 12 1/8" D. 

Very good condition, minor flake of glaze near edge, and a few scratches to underside. 


Many dishes of this type were produced in England and on the Continent. The ocher and manganese combination is one that was in common use in the 19th Century English countryside. Bernard Leach potted a number of dishes with coggled rims, slip decorated with trees and occasionally he made plates with concentric geometric lines. Shoji Hamada trained Leach's son, David Leach, was trained by Shoji Hamada. The younger Leach made many dishes that revived antique British forms and styles of decoration; he also made dishes of this form that incorporated stylized decoration.