Aggie Zed Contemporary Ceramic Figural Sculpture of Cowman, 1990s

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Aggie Zed Contemporary Ceramic Figural Sculpture of "Cowman," 1990s, the seated nude figure with his legs stretched out in front his torso, his arms bent at the elbows painted realistically, with a realistic head of a cow where the man's head would be.



4" H. x 4 3/8" W. x 4 1/2" D.

Made in the 1990s.

Condition: Excellent condition, as sold. Most of Zed's detailed figural works are hand-built, thus there are rough patches and firing cracks at dense areas of the bodies, as manufactured. 

 Provenance: From the collection of George Forman, Pennsylvania.


Aggie Zed's work combines strong representational figural work at a small scale, together with sometimes fantastical combinations of human and animal forms. 

Working with two private collectors, each of whom had collected Zed figures, I have a large group of the artist's work. For those entranced with the notion of human-animal interaction, Zed's work presents a unique opportunity to create a grouping in a small space.