Aggie Zed Contemporary Ceramic Figural Sculpture of Wolf Helmet Man, 1990s

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Aggie Zed Contemporary Ceramic Figural Sculpture of "Wolf Helmet Man," 1990s, the seated nude figure with his legs partially bent n front his torso, his arms bent at the elbows, painted realistically, with a closely-fit helmet or head-dress in the form of a wolf head, realistically-painted. 1990s.



4" H. x 4 3/8" W. x 4 1/2" D.

Made in the 1990s.

Condition: Excellent condition, as sold. Most of Zed's detailed figural works are hand-built, thus there are rough patches and firing cracks at dense areas of the bodies, as manufactured. 

 Provenance: From the collection of George Forman, Pennsylvania.


Aggie Zed's work combines strong representational figural work at a small scale, together with sometimes fantastical combinations of human and animal forms. 

Working with two private collectors, each of whom had collected Zed figures, I have a large group of the artist's work. For those entranced with the notion of human-animal interaction, Zed's work presents a unique opportunity to create a grouping in a small space.