American Dale Chihuly (b. 1941) Blown Glass Massive Seaform Bowl Basket, dated 1988

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American Dale Chihuly (b. 1941) Blown Glass Massive Bowl Basket, dated 1988.

This organic-form bowl basket is of a desirable early date, and includes an incredible array of vivid colors. The interior appears to be a vivid emerald green under bright yellow wrap lip, the exterior is a patchwork of splotches of pinks and oranges, with touches of yellow and green. From a distance, it appears that jellyfish and other forms of sea life are floating in water. 

The size of this sculpture is large enough to hold the main focus of a room, and small enough to fit into a minimal condo. 

 21" H., 14" D. 

Excellent Condition.

Jill Fenichell, Incorporated is proud to offer this item in conjunction with Michele Beiny, Incorporated.