Dorothy Hafner Flash Series Stoneware Triangular Centerpiece Bowl 1986

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Dorothy Hafner Flash series stoneware triangular centerpiece bowl for Rosenthal, 1986. 

Facsimile signature to face, Rosenthal marks to underside.

5 1/8' H. x 12" W. x 12" D.


Excellent condition. From the artist's own collection.

American Dorothy Hafner is a ceramic and glass artist who first came to prominence in the 1980s, when she was contracted by the German Rosenthal factory to create work for the discerning collector who liked to set a striking table. 

One of Hafner's key designs of this period was the "Flash" series, which contrasted a black and white geometric pattern cluster with colorful circular and ovular elements enamelled in bright hues such as turquoise, green, lavender, ocher, mauve, orange, etc. There's an element of comic book graphic design at play here, combined with a great, massive form.

We have a unique collaborative relationship with Dorothy Hafner and gallerist Leslie Ferrin of Massachusetts. Ferrin is selling the one of a kind, hand-built artworks; Jill Fenichell, Inc. is selling the original artist's proofs and Hafner's own samples of work created for Rosenthal. 


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