French Beaux Arts Bronze Figural Desk Set, C.H. Le Blanc, Paris, c. 1891-1910

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French Beaux Arts Bronze Explorer Figural Desk Set, C.H. Le Blanc, Paris, c. 1891-1910the base with a cove-molded serpentine front supporting the seated figure of an explorer flanked by terrestrial and celestial globe-form inkwells. Impressed foundry marks to rear base, and to feet. 


11" H., 17" W., 9 1/2" Deep.

(Shallow chip near one of the globes, and one of the base sections reattached)


The Foundry of LeBlanc is the direct heir, literally, of the Barbedienne Factory in France. Barbedienne died in 1891, after which Gustave LeBlanc, then M. LeBlanc took over the factory. The LeBlanc Foundry ceased operation in 1952.

Like the popular animalier sculptural output of Barbedienne, LeBlanc is known for its production of small-scale sculptural decorations and objets d'art for the fine home of the Beaux Art period.