SOLD Harlequin Set of Six Sterling and Gold-Wash Grapefruit Spoons by Whiting

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Harlequin set of six sterling and sterling with gold-wash grapefruit spoons, each with a different handle design, including Japanesque iris floral; Imperial Queen and Louis XV by Whiting. 

Put together as a set by a creative tablescaper, this group of spoons will not disappoint those who enjoy using their different serving wares almost every day of the week. 

Some of the bowls are gold-washed, which adds a sense of rich depth to the modelling of each spoon. 

Spoons manufactured by Whiting and other makers.

Various impressed marks, most by Whiting. 

6 1/4" to 6 3/4" L. 3.829 ozt. with light gold wash to some of the bowls.

20th Century. 

Very good condition, a few minor scratches and abrasions.