Japanese Sterling Silver Rose Bowl

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Japanese Art Deco Sterling Silver and Copper Mixed Metal Rose Bowl. Wide, stepped shoulder under flaring neck, squat bodyon low foot. The shoulder and central body chased with chrysanthemum and cherry blossoms, some of the foliage copper. 

Inscribed: To Mr. Leo Sirota / 23 X 34/ in Japan.

Provenance: Formerly property of Beata Sirota Gordon.

3” H. x 9 1/4” Diameter. 1119 Grams approximate weight.

Leo Gregorovich Sirota (1885-1965), was born in Russia, in a city now part of Ukraine. Sirota was a musical prodigy, and became a pianist. After the Russian Revolution, he and his wife fled to Austria. There, they had a daughter in 1923.

Leo Sirota accepted an invitation to teach piano at the Ueno Imperial Academy of Music in Tokyo in 1929. During WWII, Sirota and his wife Augustine Horenstein Sirota were interned in Nagano, while their daughter was trapped in the US at Mills College in Oakland, CA.

Beata Sirota was one of a very few Caucasian Americans who could speak, read and write Japanese and English. She spent the war not knowing where her parents were, or whether they were alive.

At the end of the war, Sirota worked for Macarthur as a translator - and in early 1946, she helped to rewrite the Japanese Constitution, to incorporate women’s rights as equal to men.

Beata Sirota located her parents, who eventually emigrated to St. Louis, where Leo taught at the St. Louis Institute of Music.

In 1947, Beata Sirota married Joseph Gordon, a lieutenant in charge of Macarthur’s translating team for military intelligence. The two moved to NY, where she renewed her commitment to performing arts and Japanese cultural awareness. Beata Gordon received numerous awards and honors prior to her death 2012.