Myanmar Burma Framed Prayer Leaves Gold Leaf Red Lacquer in Black Frame

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Myanmar Burma Framed Prayer Leaves Gold Leaf Red Lacquer under glass, the eglomise black matted, with gilt wood dir. Two examples under glass in black frames. 

Fine and rare collection of leaves from an antique Kammavaca, one of the acred Burmese religious texts. Kammavaca manuscripts were presented to boys who entered the Buddhist Order as novitates or became ordained as a monk, and typically contained the rules and instructions of the monastery.

Kammavaca are written in Pali, one of the two primary Indian languages used in the written records of Buddhist literature, the other being Sanskrit. They are more often made from four folded layers of cotton (often from old robes of a venerated monk), thickly covered with a few coats of orange-red  brown lacquer to create a smooth surface receptive to decoration. Some Kammavaca leaves are made from lacquered palm leaf, ivory, copper and brass sheets.

The small hole was used to connect a stack of leaves with a ribbon.

The frames 50 x 32 x 2. Ships in two 60 x 45 x 5 boxes.