Retro Taxco Sterling Silver Set of 6 Iced Tea Spoons

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Retro Taxco Sterling Silver Set of 6 Iced Tea Spoons

As we here in the NW cook in the heat, I can't help but flash back to a mah-jongh or bridge game kind of "bored women in the daytime" moment after World War II, when the girls came over to play cards, and while away the hours, drinking iced tea, before they started in on the gin, or whatevers. 

And they probably smoked, too, but forget the ciggies, they did nothing for anyone's else, except precipitate an earlier death, for the most part. 

But imagine this is you: floral dress, hair done, lipstick and makeup perfect, a loud a/c unit in the wall, and your mates, and iced tea with Waldorf Salads. 

The spoon handles are about 7" long, with the engraved bowls wrapped around the handle terminates. The spoons are hollow, so they can be used as delightful sipper straws. Take a sip, then pause before delivering the next dose of gossip.

Marked for BD or BO, an unknown Taxco silversmith superstar. 

One handle lightly bent. Will repolish to a nice, warm gleam before shipping.