Tom Cramer Contemporary Art Wood Sculpture

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Tom Cramer Contemporary Art Wood Sculpture 

Carved of white pine. The sculpture is a stylized head, painted in bright primary colors red, yellow and blue, with black outlines.

Signed T.C. '97 and Tom Cramer '97 and with numeral 6 within a circle, twice.

9 1/2" H. 5 1/2" W. 1 1/4" D. 

Dated 1997.

Tom Cramer (b. 1960 ) is a wood sculptor who lives in the Northwest Coast in Portland Oregon. He has worked on a series of figures that he calls "Totem Dolls" since the 1980s. Much of Cramer's work references Tlingit and other artwork and ceremonial masks of Native Peoples of the Northwest Corridor. Cramer's work is represented in many museum collections and his drawings will be the subject of a forthcoming show in 2019. 

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