Toots Zynsky (b.1951) Contemporary Studio Glass Sculpture Vase Cortina

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The vessel formed with hundreds of ombre yellow, green, orange, pink, and red glass filament threads, fused uniquely within the kiln, and the form hand-pinched by Zynsky after being removed from the kiln. For this reason, the works combine elements of material engineering, contemporary art practice, and musical theatricality.

No two Zynksy articles are identical, each has an enormous amount of presence and organic form. "Cortina" means curtain or drape. Indeed, the vessel puckers and tucks like a drape caught in a breeze. 


Signed to the underside. 

9 3/4" H. x 18 3/8" W. x 10 1/8" D.


Dated 2013.

Excellent, undamaged condition.

Jill Fenichell, Incorporated is proud to offer this item in conjunction with Michele Beiny, Incorporated.