Visionary Pottery Ceramic Jar Vessel by Washington Ledesma

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Visionary Pottery Ceramic Jar Vessel by Washington Ledesma. The Uraguayan-born potter immigrated to the United States, and has lived in New York City and its environs since then. Ledesma's work is infused with the influence of countryman Joaquin Torres Garcia, and the Mexican muralist artists, like Rivera. 

 The vessel form derives from the Uruguayan olla, or pot, One side of the pot is inscribed with the Ode to Friendship (An Die Freude)  by Friedrich Schiller, used most famously in Beethoven's Symphony Number 9. The poem is written in german. It is accompanied by images of fanciful creatures with large eyes, the figures are floating, horned, puffy, and cartoonish. They are painted in pastel hues, with the eyes all rendered in black and white. 

Signed, underside. 

11" H. 

Dated 1984.

Very good condition.