Beauty Has No Time Period

Beauty Has No Time Period

Many serious collectors focus on objects and artwork from one time period. Some only consider works by one maker, and within that maker's oeuvre, one period. For instance, a collector only buys Boettger Meissen, 1708-1712. Well, that person must be very rich and patient.This is a limiting scheme. It focuses the collection, and the assets. 

As an exhibiting dealer, I find my strengths are to be open. In consequence, one may find things from 1735 to 2015 within my inventory. I really like so many artistic movements, and makers. I like different media, and I like combinations of media within different time periods. So, I like a Rococo teapot as much as I like a John Bennett charger, and I like an acrylic handbag as much as I like a paper dress as much as I like an Art Deco Japanese rhombic teapot. Right now, I'm in love with Dorothy Hafner's Flash serving bowl. I have been buying 1980s things for years thinking "Yup, that will come around again." 

 The thing is, I don't have THAT much to sell of any one thing, but like the best shops, it pays to crawl around and see what is available, because you never know what you'll find on the website or see at the shows. 

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