SOLD English Pinder, Bourne & Co. Burslem Pottery Pilgrim Flask Vase

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English Pinder, Bourne & Co. and Doulton Burslem Pottery Pilgrim Flask Vase, designed by Henry Slater (1868 - 1932, photo below) for Pinder Bourne and Co. which subsequently became Doulton in 1882. Slater created the delicate mesh gilding of the neck and the band to the side, as well as the feet. The gilding compliments the underglaze transfer-printed blue branches and ball motifs scattered over the surface. 

Underside marked with pattern 9774. 

14" H. x 12" L.  x 5" W.

Circa 1880.

Very good condition the crazed glaze is consistent with most Pinder, Bourne products from this period. 

Parallels:  Another example of the same vase, with the same decoration, is in the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art:


The moon flask vase form became popular in England after the London International Exhibition of Japanese artifacts in 1862. The creation of Japanesque items became the rage in decorative objects, including the creation of fine and decorative objects with mixed metals, new forms of vases, as well as new textiles.

Japanisme is the French term, Japanesque the English term to refer to things made in Europe and America in the manner of Japanese items. 

The popularity of the Japanesque extended to the Gilbert & Sullivan light opera of "The Mikado." Some of the cadre of people who created Japanesque objects considered themselves especially sensitive aesthetes, such as Oscar Wilde. Thus, the term Aesthetic period or Aesthetic pottery can also be tied to Japanesque pottery.